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Alasdair Gold “Told” Spurs Figure Left Levy “Intimidated” Behind-Scenes

    Tottenham Hotspur’s Managing Director of Football, Fabio Paratici, is said to have slightly intimidated Spurs Chairman, Daniel Levy, due to his extensive football knowledge and experience. Paratici has recently been in the news for having his 30-month ban from Italian football extended to a worldwide ban which is open for appeal next month.

    Despite the ban, Spurs have stuck by Paratici, who was set to oversee his third managerial appointment since arriving in North London less than two years ago. Alasdair Gold, a journalist who covers Tottenham Hotspur, revealed in a recent video on his YouTube channel that Paratici’s football knowledge has slightly intimidated Daniel Levy.

    Gold stated, “Those I’ve spoken to within Spurs have actually said – it’s quite interesting – that he’s a bit of a rarity at Spurs, Paratici, in that Daniel Levy clearly likes him, but actually, people have said that they don’t really see Levy like this very much with many people. They say with Paratici, there’s a sense that he’s maybe ever so slightly intimidated by him because of his experience, his football knowledge.”

    Gold further added, “And because of that, from what I’m told, Paratici really had no qualms in telling Daniel Levy when he felt he was wrong.”

    The relationship between Paratici and Levy has become a topic of discussion amongst Spurs fans as the club struggles to find a new permanent manager and the future of their star player, Harry Kane, hangs in the balance. Reports suggest that Spurs have been listening to offers for a potential sale of the club from ENIC, and the pressure on Levy and Joe Lewis is only growing from Spurs fans who are voicing their thoughts towards the club’s board.

    Paratici led the move to appoint Nuno Espirito Santo back in 2021, which ultimately ended in disaster as he was sacked just months later. However, it is also said that Levy took charge of the bid to bring Antonio Conte to North London to replace the Portuguese manager.

    While Paratici’s knowledge of the game may have intimidated Levy, it is believed that there were many things which the Italian got wrong during the transfer window, with the summer signings failing to impress. Despite this, some Tottenham fans will take some delight in hearing that Paratici was not scared to tell Levy when he was wrong and when to step aside and allow him to take charge.

    In conclusion, it remains to be seen how Paratici’s relationship with Levy will develop in the future. However, the Italian’s extensive football knowledge and experience could prove to be invaluable to Spurs as they navigate their way through a turbulent period.

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