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Alasdair Gold Shares What He’s Now Hearing From People Close to Mauricio Pochettino

    Speculations are rife that Mauricio Pochettino is likely to be appointed as the new Chelsea manager, which would mark his return to the Premier League after his departure from Tottenham Hotspur in 2019. However, according to Tottenham journalist Alasdair Gold, Spurs have still not made any move to approach Pochettino to replace Antonio Conte.

    Speaking on his YouTube channel, Gold revealed that there has been no contact between Spurs and Pochettino, and that it is a significant development. He also expressed his fascination with the idea of Pochettino taking over at Chelsea, while also wondering how Spurs fans would react to such a scenario.

    Pochettino has been linked with a return to Tottenham since his departure, with many fans and players eager to see him back at the club. However, Gold’s latest update suggests that the Spurs board does not share this sentiment, and there is no indication that they have any interest in re-appointing the Argentine.

    The reason for Spurs’ lack of interest in Pochettino’s return is unknown, but it is not uncommon for the club’s chairman, Daniel Levy, to make unorthodox decisions. Regardless, if there has been no contact at this point, it is safe to assume that Pochettino will not be returning to Tottenham anytime soon.

    While Spurs fans may be disappointed by the news, Pochettino’s potential appointment at Chelsea would add another interesting twist to the Premier League’s managerial merry-go-round. As the wait for official confirmation continues, it remains to be seen how this saga will play out in the coming weeks.

    3 thoughts on “Alasdair Gold Shares What He’s Now Hearing From People Close to Mauricio Pochettino”

    1. My husband & I are so disappointed that Poch won’t be returning to Spurs he is such a great manager hie style of football was so exciting he always had us on the edge of our seats
      Chelsea will be so lucky to get him

    2. Gutted 😞 I would love to see Poch and his style of football back at Spurs. Not sure I can take seeing him at Chelsea! Sometimes I could wring Levy’s neck 🤬

    3. I would be gutted to see Poch at Chelsea. The best manager we’ve had in my lifetime and would love him back. Anyone else would feel like a bit of a disappointment to be honest

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