Alasdair Gold Says He’s Been Told One Tottenham Man Was So Angry After the West Ham Game

Ange Postecoglou has become more than just a coach; he’s earned a reputation as a genuinely nice guy. Even neutrals appreciate his calm and laidback demeanor during press conferences, coupled with his down-to-earth nature. However, as revealed recently, there’s more to the Australian manager than meets the eye. Despite his amiable exterior, Postecoglou harbors a fiery passion for the game, and his emotions surfaced after a disappointing clash with West Ham.

According to insights shared by Alasdair Gold on his YouTube channel, Postecoglou was far from pleased after the recent encounter with West Ham. Gold, citing information from various sources, revealed that the Tottenham manager was incensed by the events that unfolded on the pitch. Gold noted, “Speaking of Ange, he was furious at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. I’ve heard that from a few people that he was raging after the game.”

Gold’s observations extended to Postecoglou’s post-match press conference, where the manager’s frustration was subtly evident. Gold commented, “To be honest, we saw as close as we’re going to see it at the press conference afterwards.” This rare display of emotion offers a glimpse into the intensity that Postecoglou brings to his role, reminding fans that beneath the smiles lies a coach deeply invested in the success of his team.

The source of Postecoglou’s ire stemmed from the manner in which Tottenham conceded goals against West Ham. Despite dominating the play, Spurs found themselves on the wrong side of two unfortunate incidents. The first goal resulted from a series of incredibly lucky deflections, while the second was the consequence of a costly backpass. Even for neutrals, the West Ham game proved to be a frustrating spectacle, and one can only imagine the manager’s emotions after witnessing such unexpected setbacks.

As Tottenham faces a five-game winless streak, Postecoglou’s anger following the West Ham defeat could serve as a catalyst for change. The manager’s fury may well have ignited a fire within the Spurs team, motivating them to rectify their course in the upcoming match against Newcastle on Sunday.