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Alan Shearer suggests that ‘arrogant’ Tottenham player could potentially ‘irritate’ his own teammates.

    During BBC One’s coverage of Tottenham Hotspur’s unexpected FA Cup defeat to Sheffield United, Alan Shearer commented at halftime that Richarlison, a player who joined Tottenham for a fee of £60 million from Everton, has the potential to annoy not only opposing players but also his own teammates.

    The 25-year-old Brazilian footballer has had a tough time since joining Tottenham, having only scored two goals in a single game against Marseille, with injuries causing further difficulties. Unlike his previous clubs, Everton and Watford, he is no longer a regular starter for Tottenham, with Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Deki Kulusevski taking precedence. This is a new experience for Richarlison.

    During half-time of Tottenham’s 1-0 defeat, Shearer expressed his opinion on Richarlison’s performance. The Brazilian footballer was included in the starting lineup to give Harry Kane a break but had a difficult time and was substituted after an hour. Shearer’s assessment was negative.

    According to Shearer, playing with Richarlison can be frustrating as well as playing against him because his teammates might expect more from him given his skills and touches. While he has the ability, he often fails to deliver, which could be aggravating. However, Shearer also acknowledged that Richarlison possesses an air of arrogance.

    It’s possible that Shearer’s observations about Richarlison’s underperformance and potential frustration from his teammates are accurate, especially considering the player’s hefty price tag. Tottenham needs more from Richarlison, and his current situation is challenging.

    Given that Kulusevski, Kane, and Son are preferred starters, it’s unlikely that Richarlison will find many opportunities to play. This may not simply be a matter of adjusting to a new team or being on the bench. It’s possible that a change is necessary.

    In the future, Richarlison may request a transfer after just one season with Tottenham if he feels he won’t be able to secure the playing time he desires. Alternatively, he could remain with the team and fight for his spot.

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