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Alan Shearer reveals private conversation with Harry Kane about his legacy at Spurs

    Alan Shearer

    Alan Shearer has had a private conversation with Harry Kane, where he emphasized that the striker’s accomplishments at Tottenham carry more weight than simply winning titles, as he has secured a special place in the club’s history due to his achievements.

    Kane recently broke Jimmy Greaves’ record to become Spurs’ highest goal scorer of all time, a feat that has been unbeaten for over half a century. The 29-year-old is likely to be regarded as the greatest player in the club’s history if he is not already.

    According to The Telegraph, there are doubts about Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham despite his significant contributions to the club. Kane’s current contract has 16 months remaining, and there are reports that Manchester United and Bayern Munich are showing interest in the striker.

    According to The Daily Mail, some experts have advised Harry Kane to depart from Tottenham in the summer to secure some trophies. However, Alan Shearer has contradicted this by saying that he wouldn’t change his decision to stick with Newcastle United despite not winning any silverware during his tenure at St James’ Park.

    In an interview with The Athletic, Shearer stated that what Kane has accomplished and earned at Tottenham cannot be measured in terms of money, and he has secured a permanent place in the club’s history. Shearer added that he doesn’t think Kane would trade that for anything, and neither would he. However, Shearer did express his longing for the rush of scoring a goal again.

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    Shearer also encouraged Kane and Erling Haaland to enjoy their time on the field as much as they can, because it’s a feeling that can’t be matched by anything else in life. Shearer went on to explain that once you stop playing football, everything turns from color to black and white, though he clarified that there’s nothing wrong with black and white.

    Winning trophies may be a priority for Kane before he retires, but his accomplishments at Tottenham have already surpassed the value of mere silverware. While countless players in the club’s history have earned medals, only one has claimed the title of being the team’s all-time leading scorer, a feat that Kane has already accomplished.

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