Alan Shearer and Jermain Defoe Predict Tottenham’s Real Aim for the Season

In a recent analysis of Tottenham Hotspur’s performance this season, football legends Alan Shearer and Jermain Defoe weighed in on the team’s prospects, emphasizing the potential for a top-four finish despite recent setbacks.

Shearer dismissed the notion that Spurs were ever in contention for the Premier League title this season. Speaking on Matchday Extra Live on Optus Sport, he acknowledged the recent blows dealt by back-to-back losses against Chelsea and Wolves but asserted that a top-four finish was a realistic goal.

“If you look at the bigger picture for Tottenham, I know they’ve lost the last two, but take that away, it’s still been a really positive start,” Shearer remarked. He highlighted the absence of European football as an advantage, stating, “They, just like Newcastle, will be thinking we need this international break just to regroup and start to build the confidence again. They’ll be alright this season Tottenham.”

Despite the successive defeats, Shearer commended Spurs for their overall performance and expressed confidence in their ability to contend for a coveted top-four spot. He explained, “I didn’t expect them ever to stay at the top of the league, I didn’t expect them ever to challenge for the league title, they won’t. What they could challenge for is to try and get a place in the top four.”

Former Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe echoed Shearer’s sentiments, deeming a top-four finish as a realistic objective. “I think the performances have been really good, and realistically, of course, you want to get into that top four,” Defoe added, aligning with the optimistic outlook for Spurs’ season.

Acknowledging the challenging period ahead due to injuries and suspensions, Shearer and Defoe both emphasized the importance of the international break for Tottenham to regroup and rebuild confidence.

In response to the recent setbacks, a Spurs Web Opinion noted, “The vast majority of Tottenham fans did not think that we were in a title race and were always conscious of the fact that there would be a few bumps along the road in what is a transitional season.” Despite potential difficulties in the coming weeks, the opinion piece expressed confidence that Tottenham’s impressive start to the season would keep them within touching distance of the top four by the New Year.

As the Premier League season progresses, the focus for Tottenham Hotspur remains on securing a coveted top-four finish, with football pundits and former players optimistic about the team’s chances despite the recent challenges.