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‘Absolutely wildly speculating’ – Alasdair Gold sheds light on ‘very strange’ celebration from Emerson


Emerson Royal was spotted wheeling away in celebration on Saturday night in the direction of the Tottenham Hotspur bench after Spurs doubled their lead in their recent FA Cup clash, writes the TIF.

Alasdair Gold has been speaking on his latest YouTube video to provide his understanding of the reasoning behind the unconventional celebration.

The Brazilian thought he had scored his first goal for the Lilywhites since arriving in the summer, however, the second goal on the night went down as a Solly March own goal.

Emerson bombed down the right wing in the lead-up to the goal and saw his cross deflected by the Brighton man and loop over a helpless Robert Sanchez between the sticks.

And with the 23-year-old running off in such dramatic style in celebration, Gold provided his thoughts on what he believes the reasoning behind it was.

He said: “What I think, judging on what I’ve seen on Instagram and Instagram stories today from various people around him, I think his friends were up behind the dugout. Not quite just behind it, but up on a kind of another level.

“I think – this is absolutely wildly speculating – but I think he was pointing at them as if to say: ‘Whoa, you’ve come here and I’ve scored.’ Because I think he would have thought he’d scored; I think Conte afterwards thought he’d scored.

“Sometimes they come over and make a big point towards someone, but this was almost like a point of no point. It was very strange.”

TIF Thoughts on Emerson’s celebration…

The Brazilian has received a lot of criticism since arriving in north London, with his crossing ability under serious scrutiny following the game against Watford.

And adding to the criticism from outside sources, it has been reported Antonio Conte has not been impressed with the 23-year-old and Tottenham’s options at right wing-back in general.

With all of this in mind, we initially thought his celebration was aimed at the Tottenham bench to vent his frustrations at the criticism which has came his way, but perhaps there was something else behind it.