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“Absolutely incredible”: Some Spurs fans love what Gollini did just after Son scored yesterday


Tottenham Hotspur fans have loved Pierluigi Gollini’s passion after his side scored against Arsenal yesterday.

Gollini has only just joined Tottenham, but he has wasted no time endearing himself to the Lilywhites crowd.

The Italian has impressed in his first few interviews for the club, and his displays on the pitch have also been strong.

Gollini was in between the sticks yesterday when Heung-Min Son scored the winner against Arsenal.

The game was only billed as a friendly, but you wouldn’t have known it from Gollini’s reaction.

The Tottenham new boy screamed and jumped for joy when the ball hit the back of the net.

And Spurs fans loved to see their new goalkeeper was already so passionate about their results.

Gollini may actually be in contention to start on opening day for Tottenham.

Hugo Lloris has fought his way back to fitness now, but he only has played 45 minutes over pre-season.

And Gollini may well have a chance of getting the nod against Manchester City next week, as he will surely be much sharper than Tottenham’s captain at this stage.

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