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“Above all”: Joe Hart and others have responded to Harry Kane’s latest Instagram update


Well, it’s been quite the week for Spurs and their skipper, Harry Kane, who has yet to report back to first-team training following his summer break.

News outlets went into a frenzy on Monday when Kane reportedly no-showed for Spurs training, and hasn’t been seen all week since. It prompted immediate talk of a move to Manchester City coming to fruition, while some have questioned the England skipper’s professionalism.

However, there is always more than one side to a story and Kane has taken to Instagram and Twitter yesterday to try and explain the situation.

Kane claims he wouldn’t disrespect the fans or the club by not training. He also confirmed he is due back this weekend, which he claims is ‘as planned’.

But while there has been no sign of any current Spurs players backing him up in the comments on Insta, there has been a few ex-teammates showing some love.

It was surprising for everyone to see Kane not show up. He is Spurs through and through, so there must have been more to the whole situation.

It will, of course, be interesting to see how it all pans out. The squad will want answers, as will Nuno Santo. It’s also clear Kane wants out, regardless of what he says in pre-written statements.

However, he has had some support from the likes of Joe Hart, Erik Lamela, and Michael Vorm. The three ex-Spurs players were in the comments on Instagram seemingly backing Kane.

Here, then, is what was said by the former Spurs players.


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