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A tip from the Tottenham star played a decisive role in Thomas Tuchel’s suspension

    The London derby delivered us a plenty of real English football. Emotion, passion, it was all there from the start.

    The game ended in 2-2 draw, with both coaches removed from the field. Verbal exchanges happened time after time. Everything started after Tottenham’s first goal, where Tuchel blamed the referee for the counted goal, and then after the final whistle, as the same mistake (according to Tuchel) of the head referee led to a conflict between the managers.

    Match referee Anthony Taylor, after the final whistle, went to sort out who was responsible for the conflict that occurred. As a result, in the mass altercation, he could not find Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel.

    Tottenham striker Richarlison acted as an assistant and referred the referee to the German specialist to have him removed.