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‘A bit United-ish’ – Merson ‘worried’ for Chelsea ahead of the upcoming derby against Tottenham

    Paul Merson says he is worried about Chelsea ahead of the upcoming derby against Tottenham.

    Both teams are approaching this game in good form. Spurs certainly looked much stronger in the first match of the season, and made the win over Southampton looking rather confident. In turn, Chelsea again had to rely on Jorginho who converted an 11-meter shot.

    Chelsea’s attacking play has many people wondering. Here’s what the German coach had to say about it: ‘In general, it was maybe not the most exciting Premier League game in the history of the Premier League.’

    Given the details, Merson made his prediction for the upcoming clash at Stamford Bridge. He told Sportskeeda:

    ‘This match is massive, and not just because of the rivalry between the two teams. Chelsea beat Tottenham four times last season. I’m worried for Chelsea this weekend. They were a bit United-ish against Everton if I’m being honest.’

    ‘If either team loses this match, it’s a massive step in the wrong direction. Neither Chelsea nor Tottenham Hotspur can afford to suffer defeat this weekend, and I think this game will end in a draw.’