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‘100% focused in every game’ – Tottenham head coach demands more goals from defensive player

    Spurs boss Antonio Conte is delighted with Eric Dier’s performance this season but called for the defender to become more effective in attack, and bring the team not only reliable defense, but also goals.

    Under the guidance of the Italian specialist, Tottenham and many players have reached a completely different level. Among them is English defender Eric Dier. His performances this season have been impressive, and now the Englishman is in line for a call-up to the England national team, and Three Lions head coach Gareth Southgate is strongly impressed with the 28-year-old’s progress.

    Conte spoke to various media outlets yesterday before the North London team’s game against Fulham.

    Many questions concerned just the Englishman’s game this season. The Italian praised the defender, but demanded more goals from him, given his characteristics.

    “I think the big improvement about Eric is that now he is a player who in every game is 100% focused. He is a reliable player. He’s providing great continuity in his role. You know, he’s playing every game. I can tell you he’s a really good guy with great will, great desire to work and to improve himself.

    “He knows very well he has space for improvement. I see every day in his eyes the desire to become stronger, stronger, stronger. To become a top defender. I see this in his eyes.”

    When asked how he can improve, Conte said: “For sure in set-pieces if he scores some goals more, I am more happy.

    “I think that maybe a player like him so tall, so strong physically has to be more effective to go on corners and set-pieces to score more goals. I find one more situation for him to try and improve.”

    Thus, Dier needs to pump up his attacking abilities, because the Englishman’s height and strength give him a strong advantage over his opponents in the penalty area. The Englishman’s efficiency this season has already surpassed last season. The player has one goal under his belt, while in the past he has never distinguished himself.